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  1. Then legal action, because as usual not reply. And I need a reply.
  2. May be if needed. No only this AV block all the site web, and then block all my software, included without miner. Here it's wanted miner at echange of ultimate version. But the normal version is blocked too because the sub-domain is black listed.
  3. Hello, I have try multiple time contact with ESET, it's my last try before legal action (you block my commerce). The download of: Ultracopier/Supercopier is blocked: hxxp://ultracopier.first-world.info/ is hosted on a sub domain on same server (to host with another service): hxxp://files.first-world.info/ And if the user download the version, mostly this: files.first-world~ files.first-world~64- Is blocked by this anti-virus. Can you solve this false positive? Cheer
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