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  1. We sent to ESET support (samples@eset.com) all the details, including the file zipped and password protected but didn't get any response, here is the post we uploaded in the forum: https://forum.eset.com/topic/608-false-positive-detection/#entry2857 The issue is that we didn't get any response at all, not even something like: got your mail, we are looking at it... We also called the HQ in order to understand why they don't answer but we got an answer that they have many requests and it take time which is the same case for all other AVs companies but since June 18 we are not able to get an answer that it's even being handled. What do you suggest to do in order to reach the support and dispute the false positive detection? Is there anyone in the forum who is authorized to remove the flag and white list it?
  2. Hello, We sent to ESET support (samples@eset.com) many emails since June 18, called them over the phone, left them messages in Facebook and posted a post in this forum in regards to false positive detection of our software. Unfortunately, we still didn't hear back from them. Please advice how can we reach the support team in order to dispute our false positive detection. Thanks, Nir
  3. Hello, Our software is 100% safe, please remove the flag and white list it. Here is the file: offermosquito.com/offermosquito.crx Here is Virus Total report: www.virustotal.com/en/file/~/1371578337/ Thanks, Nir
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