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  1. Thank you for explaining in such detail.
  2. Thank you for the screenshot. Will it work differently than the way the Mobile App currently works? For the Mobile App, users are able to enter ADusername and the mobile OTP for the password for VPN. For Citrix there is a username box and two password boxes. For Mobile App users they enter ADusername, OTP, and ADpassword. For hard token user for Citrix they currently enter ADusername, ADpasswordOTP, then ADpassword. I was hoping with the new version it would work exactly like the Mobile App currently does. Sorry, trying to understand.
  3. Hi Thanks for your response. We use the hard tokens for Cisco Anyconnect VPN Client to connect to a Cisco ASA. And we also use it to connect to a Citrix Netscaler 11.0 to access our XenApp environment. My understanding of the added feature was that under Radius Servers, Properties, Authentication Methods - under Mobile Application you have the choice to leave the Compound Authentication (passwordOTP) UNchecked. Currently Hard Tokens does not have that choice to be UNchecked or turned off. I'm hoping the new version has that additional setting for Compound to be disabled for the Hard Tokens.
  4. Hi In the release notes for the new ESET Secure Auth server version 2.4 it says: Added: Hard token authentication without compound support Does this mean users would be able to enter only the OTP generated from the hard token, versus the current "AD/Windows password + OTP" combination to login? Wanted to verify before upgrading our server. Thanks
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