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  1. Dear AlexJ The program has resumed normal and the virus database was updated to today's date for unknown reason today without the need to carry out the suggested procedures. I nevertheless thanks for your assistance and fingers crossed for now. Thanks and regards CMP
  2. Dear Alex Hv tried all as prescribed and in the suggested order but still getting exactly the same message per the screen shot posted. Hv uninstalled using the latest dmg downloaded which is the same dmg used to update the Cyber Security to ver and then reinstalled again after restarted but no hope. OS X is ver. 10.8.4. Hope to hearing from you soon.
  3. Have updated to but no longer able to update virus database and always getting the attached message. Actually have tried uninstalling before reinstalling the software but to no avail. Also have sent a couple queries through the software's "customer care support request" but seems nobody is manning at the other end. My software will not be expired till Dec. 2015 but without updating to the latest virus database it's like I'm being cheated... Has anyone experienced the same and will ESET respond my queries asap. Edit: Removed Username from screenshot (dwomack)
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