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  1. Recently, we deployed ESET ERA Virtual Appliance 6.3 to replace previous ESET ERA 4 for Windows. For virus signature update, we found that there was poor performance on ERA 4 build-in web server (only 200KBps on Intranet). The problem had been solved after we changed to IIS for mirror update. As we know mirror update is obsoleted since ERA 6 and we need to use Apache HTTP proxy. According to our test, the performance of Apache HTTP proxy on Virtual Appliance is as poor as previous ERA 4 build-in one. For new installed client, initial signature update is around 40MB and need near 4 minutes to complete. In previous ERA 4 with IIS, it only needs no more than 10 seconds. Any advise? We try to put one ISO file in the htdocs of Apache HTTP proxy and download from client, the speed is as fast as LAN speed.
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