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  1. Thats one email, I have more for downloads, just got to find them. I have quite a few emails with links to eset. If you need to download the software again, click here this was for the 32 desktop, that one comes off my ISP providers site with my licence. Going to send eset all the emails I got for the licence this year. Got their email. Will send the link my isp is providing.
  2. LICENCE DETAILS Licensed to:myname Product: ESET NOD32 Antivirus Licensed for: 1 PC(s)/Mac(s) Valid until: 12 Sep 2015 Username: ttttttttt Password: fhhhhhhhh DOWNLOAD Select and download the appropriate installation file(s)
  3. Need to send the email. Clicked on the wrong download that I got in chrome. Do you guys have an email?
  4. Got the latest install now. Got an email from Eset who gave me the latest version. There were 2 I dealt with. Matt and Christian. It was Matt who told my to hoover over eset icon, and I read out what I had, He was confused I had version 1. Sent me the updated link but my provider was having issues with their email and account so I had to get it sent to gmail email. Can't get into my desktop only my laptop
  5. esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe hxxp://download.eset.com/special/eos/esetsmartinstaller_enu.exe well it wont let me upload images from the email I got from eset. Unless mods give me an email address so I can just forward the email to them.
  6. omg, whats this You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community.
  7. Yes, trying to do prntscn, but the prntscn feature wont work. Need to highlight esets email address to show that eset sent me the email hang on.
  8. Been with Eset for over 6 years. Last year I had to reinstall eset. I did this through eset themselves. Eset sent my the link to download the programme and all was well. About 2 months into using eset I got a virus. Unable to use my desktop computer so used my laptop and downloaded the same link from eset. As I had anti virus I thought ok, not sure whats going on here. So using my laptop today, something weird happened. Ran a scan with my paid version and it found nothing. So I rang the online free scanner and 46% of the way through it found 4 viruses. I rang eset and told them what happened as to why a free version is finding virus and not the paid version. Walking me through a few things, then asks me what version I was using. I said version 1.....he goes, .... thats not right we are on version 9. Yeah I still have the email and the link. Now I'm stuck with a infected computer, managed to save this one, but the other has to go to a technician. Eset sent me the proper download link and I now have version 9. But I can't get onto my infected computer. Version I had was Now I did tell eset that I thought it came from my isp provider who has added eset with my broadband package. So yes, had this over 6 years. The the link I got from est was on july 2015. Have to ring them when they open and ask that they pay for removal of the virus and send them a reply email so they can see the link that was sent to me from eset. Not impressed.
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