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  1. Ok, Marcos, the size is 3.46 KB (3,544 bytes), size on disk 4.00 KB (4,096 bytes)
  2. I will have to see when I get home, I posted my reply from work and get off midnight Central time.
  3. Wallaby, I started having the same problem last night. I have the same version as you. Everything else seems to be working ok, though. What was weird was when I fired up my PC after coming home from work and signed in, I had a message from Nod32 stating that I was signed in under a temporary profile, and whatever files generated would be deleted upon my leaving. They also said to try back a little later and see if I could sign in to my real account. This prompted me to reboot and sign in again, at which time I got my real profile back. I checked my Nod32 thoroughly, and found the problem you d
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