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  1. Ah yes! But the operative word was "barbed".
  2. Okay then. I was anxious to uninstall NOD because another antivirus program that I was testing simply turned off and became inaccessible for no explicable reason so I thought they could be conflicting. The other one just now started operating (after a few hours) again for no explicable reason so: Since I am using only the trial version of NOD32 I'll just wait for the trial expiration at which time I expect it will be deactivated. Or who knows I might decide to keep it and discard the other but i do get a bad taste in my mouth when an installed program gets barbed hooks inside my system.
  3. What data? What harm? In safe mode uninstaller run: "WARNING! This tool uninstalls AV product in a non standard way. Your PC can be harmed seriously, please back up your data." How seriously? Sounds like a gamble to me. I'm afraid, in my ignorance, to use it.
  4. Thanks for being so swift. I am doing it now.
  5. Tried a manual uninstall of NOD32 trial version. It did not uninstall. It no longer appears in the list of add or remove programs. Please! How can I uninstall?
  6. I did a uninstall on NOD32 trial version and then thinking that it was gone I upgraded Advanced System Care Pro to 'Ultimate' with antivirus. Now I find that NOD32 did not uninstall and I can't access ASC. Right now NOD is doing a startup scan and has been cranking away for over an hour. I did like the trial and thought I would come back to it after trying ASC but right now I need to get it out of my PC. How!
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