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  1. So, the basic problem is that I got an extremely annoying virus, win32 fynloski... Eset, and several other programs failed to remove it. I heard it's best to just back up the files you know that work, and just re-install your OS. I have the full registered version of smart security, but do I lose it if I re-install windows? Will I lose license? I am running windows 7 home premium, 64 bit. I've searched for guides on how to remove fynloski, but it keeps re-appearing. I can't seem to use regedit properly, every change has no effect, or I just can't find the right folders in regedit. The virus isn't detected after killing the svchost process, but after that it just keep re-appearing. The file itself, svchost.exe is not infected. So I could use help with removing the virus, or help with keeping my license after re-installing windows. Thanks in advance
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