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  1. Hi, just purchased eset, I am having an issue where eset seems to slow by browser (chrome, safari). I have to wait about 5 seconds on each request. I am a web developer and using MAMP PRO. If I uninstall eset, speed returns. Thanks
  2. Thanks Planet, I may get the multi-device version as my Son needs AV on his windows 7 box.
  3. I have 13 days left on my ESET trial. The only thing that bothers me is the 15000 messages ESET reported on gmail for the Pharmacy.A This only happened when I rebuilt the mail index.
  4. Thanks Planet, I looked at a bunch of AV's like Avira, Bitdefender along with ESET as some of the reviews I read say that Avira and Bitdefender scored high. I am still leaning towards ESET, but do you feel Avira is a better choice over Sophos Home?
  5. Does anyone know if this was a false positive? Should I not bother using ESET on a Mac?
  6. I reinstalled ESET and now it is not reporting the gmail trojan. I have not tried to rebuild the indexes in gmail. I think this is what triggered it.
  7. I found this thread about the HTML/Pharmacy.A trojan. This thread is telling the user to delete ESET as it is worthless. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7066529?start=0&tstart=0
  8. Hello, I have another question. I deleted my Mac mail index file to fix an email issue. My mail accounts include icloud and gmail This resulted in mail rebuilding messages. ESET is now reporting over 15000 messages that contain the HTML/Pharmacy.A trojan Is this possible? Sophos or avast never reported any.
  9. Thanks, can you tell me why under statics, the Email client protection always shows zero? Do I have to configure something?
  10. Thank you, should I not be concerned about the threats being found on Time Machine?
  11. Thank you, ESET is still not finished scanning my Time Machine, but now it is reporting 17 threats. 14 are the HTML/Pharmacy.a trojan. I wist it was easier to select a threat and see all the info about it. My Time Machine is 2TB, it it is only half way done in two days.
  12. I was going to buy Cyber Security Pro, but Multi-Device Security says it offers Anti-Theft , Banking and Payment Protection and Antispam hxxp://offers.eset.com/compare-mac-antivirus/?CMP=bac-Google-G|D-US-NB-C-Retargeting|Aud&gclid=CImSp5eE58sCFQZZhgodu8kF1w I thought the pro had everything. Track, locate and lock a lost or stolen laptop. Banking and Payment Protection Make payments online securely with automatic browser protection. Antispam Keep unwanted email out of your mailbox.
  13. Has anyone heard of AntiVirus Sentinel Pro - Adware & Virus Scanner - Network Monitor & Protection for Mac? ESET is still scanning and found 9 threats currently. HTML/Pharmacy.A Trojan How bad is this?
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