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  1. Hi, it looks like my son's phone has died completely. Can I install and activat ESET with the existing account on a new phone without problems? It is still acivated on the first phone. Like it would be for a sibling? Or would it throw me off when using the same name and age than on the first phone?
  2. No it's not listet there right away, but with hours or even days delay. All of the apps are there now, the whole process seems to be working a bit faster
  3. I have parental control for adroid on my son's phone. Under app control where I can choose between games / approved / disaproved all apps (games) are listed including the ones he has already deleted from his phone.
  4. Whenever I install a game for my son, at first it is accessable for him even with no playtime set; how can that be? Sometimes after a while all of a sudden the "this is not the right app for us" screen appears. When we hit "can I do this" and I allow it (like I did with clash of clans just to give it a try - see other post), my son gets the message "app approved" - yet it still won't open. Now two days later all of a sudden clash of clans appears under the games section. Why such delay? Correct me if I'm not doing the right steps with the program.
  5. I cannnot limit it in terms of access times. How do I get it in the "games section" of eset after downloading to accomodate its use?
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