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  1. Aw that sucks. Maybe I can get my personal Mail sent to the Outlook inbox and then it will work. Have to do some searching on that. Okay thanks Marco.
  2. Okay, so at least now we know the eset works. But why isn't it working with my personal windows email? That's what we need to fix. There must be somewhere in Eset set-up to make it work with another email client. I've looked and can't figure out how.
  3. Hi, if I click save it only gives me Email message as a type to save. IF I try and drag the file here it says only this and this file allowed and won't do it.
  4. Okay, I just found something out. My windows 10 Mail has nothing on the top like (file, view, etc.) only what is shown in the screenshot I attached. I just opened my Outlook mail for school which is from Office 365 and it does have file, and "ESET" tab on it which provides a spam button. For some reason the "ESET" tab is not on my personal MAIL account. I think the spam in the personal account may just be microsoft. Anyway, can you help me to enable ESET on my personal email? Thanks
  5. Hi Marcos, I tried but couldn't make a eml or msg format, I don't know how. Here is a screenshot of the email. It seems for now that it is the only address I keep getting emails from. Could you let me know how to change the file, or a way I can forward it to you?
  6. Hi, I have internet security with windows 10. When I get spam email, I right click and send to spam. It goes to spam folder but it doesn't block the sender like it says it does. I keep getting the same emails everyday. In my windows 7 machine, it has options in the email to block senders. How do I set this up so I can blacklist/block certain email addresses. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply itman. I did set to "home or office" and disabled Win SSDP. Not sure why Marco couldn't tell me that. Again, thanks for the useful reply.
  8. Okay thanks. I think I'll just leave it be for now unless something else comes up. Thanks again peteyt.
  9. Thanks for the reply peteyt. Well I had no issues but unblocked the 2 items. I did also switch the network to home from public after reading about them. I thought since my laptop was 1 thing that was blocked, maybe selecting home network would help it to know it is a safe device. So now, because I unblocked those 2 items, I'm wondering if I should reset the settings to default, or would that not change anything? Thanks for your reply.
  10. Under set up>Network protection> the troubleshooting wizard showed 2 recently blocked apps or devices. I simply clicked to see what they were. How is that running the wizard. When I saw the 2 things that were blocked, I unblocked them. You still haven't answered if they need to be blocked or if it's okay that they are no longer blocked. If you don't know the answer, then please just tell me instead of constantly bringing up that I ran a wizard. I will just contact Eset support if you can't answer my question.
  11. Hi Marcos, I feel like uninstalling eset and reinstalling. There is no issue with this is there?
  12. I didn't run any wizard. I just want to know if those 2 things that eset has blocked need to be blocked. I unblocked them cause one is my laptop, and the other is Windows SSDP Recovery. Do you not know if they need to be blocked or not? Eset was blocking them on its own, I just want to know if I should continue to block them or can I unblock them. Maybe you don't understand, is there someone who could answer that for me? Thanks Edit: Oh, I was not having any problems just that windows defender gave me notice about app and browser not being monitored.
  13. Hi, I had windows security pop up saying app and browser control needs attention. I just dismissed it because Eset should be looking after that I hope. The other thing is I noticed under network protection troubleshooting there are 2 apps or devices being blocked, I unblocked them. Now I am not sure if I should block them again or leave unblocked. I attached a screenshot of them. One is SSDP Discovery, the other is my laptop, I am on a desktop right now. I am at home on a personal internet if it matters. Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi, thanks for the replies everyone. I turned the computer on now (today) and it is working like it is suppose to. Thanks
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