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  1. Hello, a moderator can close the thread, because the problem is solved. If anyone is interested, see below what we changed: - Not managed We deleted the server and reinstalled. The era in local network and the mdc in the dmz. If you installing the mdc standalone you can setup a ssl certificate. This is what we changed. The clients are now marked as managed - Policy changed If you setup in one policy more modules at the other one, you have to force the modules in the other policy, which have less modules Best regards
  2. Hello, i ´m testing the new eset era 6.3 with the mobile device connector. We want to protect our android devices. At the moment i can setup a android device like register and activate, so the endpoint security run on the mobile device. The license is accepted, too. But on the web console, the mobile device shows "not managed"? An other error is, that i can ´t change the policy back. I created an individual policy with not so many options at first and assign it to the device -> Is working! Now i changed the policy to a standard one with maximum protections and went back to the own policy, on the device is still the standard one with maximum protection. The device didn ´t receivce the policy. The device is rechable over the mdc, because i can send messages over the era to the device. Any ideas? Best regards
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