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  1. I see a number of entries in the Events Log along the lines of: Preload library access control Cannot read from socket: Connection reset by peer ESET Daemon Cannot read from socket: Connection reset by peer How can I correct the issue? I appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes, I see the updates are downloaded automatically. I regularly see that notification in the upper right corner of the screen. I found the Alerts and Notifications options, those are checked. But I am not seeing them appear on the desktop... I am on Netrunner Rolling release, this is an Arch / Manjaro based distribution. I know NOD32 is not written for systemd. Someone posted instructions for creating a unit file, and starting the service at boot. That allowed me to access the gui. Maybe there is more I need to do to the alerts / notifications to display on the desktop? Thanks for any info.
  3. I just downloaded and installed a NOD32 for Linux trial. This looks like an excellent AV program. Just a couple of questions. 1) Can it be configured for auto updating the virus signature database? Or do I need to periodically request manual updates? 2) I tested it with the EICAR test file. This download was silently blocked. Is there a way to configure it so that a message is displayed when the program is blocking a file? With silent blocking, one is not certain whether there is a system failure or the AV is blocking the action. Thanks for any info!
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