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  1. I would strongly encourage you to create a support ticket. My understanding from someone in Tech Support with whom I had spoken on this issue said that, basically, those support tickets help them understand the degree to which a given problem is widespread. The more widespread, the more likely they'll work on a fix. To quote the tech: "The more customers we have reporting the issue, the more priority that issue will get from the developers to resolve." So please do create a support ticket. It may not help you with the problem we/you are having, but then again.... Thanks.
  2. Latest update: I ran for a little while using the previous version of eset Internet Security. The problematic behavior continued. I then ran with only the anti-virus program with a separate firewall. The combination worked fairly well, but I eventually realized that the anti-virus program did not integrate with Thunderbird. So that wasn't sustainable, especially as I consider the most likely entry point for malware is via e-mail. (That's certainly not true for everyone, but I think it is for me.) Anyway, I eventually returned to the latest iteration of eset Internet Security, placing the firewall in "Learning Mode." I dare not try it in "Interactive" mode, if only because I do not want to know if that's still a problem. I will say that I think that overall my computer/internet ran a bit more quickly with using the anti-virus with a separate firewall...fwiw. Still, I'm happy with how things have been working now. Thanks again to everyone for your help.
  3. At this point, not having yet had a conversation with eset Tech Support, I have uninstalled Internet Security. I have installed a separate firewall, which appears to be working very well, and intend to install eset antivirus, and then ask eset about how my existing license will apply differently, if at all, using only the antivirus solution. This really sucks, though. I have loved eset and am just disappointed by this situation. Of course, I have no way to know what programs/processes are to blame for this change. Perhaps Tech Support has some insights -- or maybe it's a not-widely-known issue -- as to a remedy. Thanks again to everyone for your assistance.
  4. I tell Windows Firewall to block both inbound and outbound connection attempts, and to alert me when it does block a program. Tried three different programs to connect, all blocked, and not a peep from the Firewall.
  5. I think my issue may lie with the Windows Firewall. In running the "Windows Firewall Troubleshooter," it indicates that "Remote Assistance is enabled but blocked by Windows Firewall." Actually, RA is NOT enabled, but it IS blocked by the Windows Firewall. That's the only issue the troubleshooter revealed. So confusing....
  6. Thanks for your patient assistance. I hope to have a good conversation tomorrow with eset Tech Support.
  7. So what do you suggest? Windows Firewall states that "(t)hese settings are being managed by vendor application ESET Internet Security."
  8. Uninstalled eset (using separate program and in Safe Mode); rebooted; ensured Windows Firewall was operational and fully standardized and then disabled it...rebooted; reinstalled eset allowing for a full scan (2.5 hours); rebooted; still having issue.
  9. Having once again deleted all the rules, I am presented with multiple "access requested" pop-ups, most of which disappear long before I can click on a button. Like I said previously, the requests for local access stay on-screen longer than requests for internet access, as do DNS requests. Oh, and Firewall is in "Interactive" mode. Tx
  10. Ok...so I would look in the Advanced Setup | Advanced |Rules | Edit, where I have, on numerous occasions, deleted all existing rules and started over. Should I be looking elsewhere?
  11. Ahhh...well then. I posted this particular video, adding one more which is a close-up view of the ESET firewall window, on my Mega account. The link is https://mega.nz/#F!ro0WhKQT!ULwsLpOr1H4gp3WgJRgdZQ.
  12. Well, good idea. So here it is. (Note: I originally started posting this same information about 20 minutes ago. When I went to "Submit Reply," I suddenly couldn't connect to this forum as the ESET Firewall had blocked Firefox traffic...when it had allowed it 20 minutes earlier. Strange.) Anyway, I've uploaded a .zip file as .mp4 files are not allowed. I'll give a quick set-up of what I'm doing. There are three windows in the video. You'll see that I first enable the ESET Firewall. I then go over to a program (EULAlyzer) and drag the " + " sign to the ESET EULA. I click "Analyze" in EULAlyzer and then "Submit Online." EULAlyzer's attempt to get online is stopped by ESET (this is good), and you can see two ESET prompts quickly appear and then disappear, being on-screen for less than 3 seconds. Note that on-screen prompts for local traffic stay up substantially longer, at least long enough for me to understand what's going on and then respond. Not so with internet traffic (except occasionally for DNS requests, unlike what happened in the video). Firewall1.zip
  13. Hello, Have some addresses that eset blocks automatically. In trying to unblock them, I looked to the "Temporary IP address blacklist." Empty. Next, off to "Setup" and then "Advanced Setup," then Web Access protection" ... then URL Address Management | Address list | List of blocked addresses. Again, empty. So, some questions: 1) does eset generate any list of those URLs that have been blocked and are indicated as such with the "address has been blocked" pop-up? If so, where is that list to be found? 2) where does one go in eset to unblock an address (that) has been blocked in this manner? Thanks. P.S. Running eset Internet Security on Win. 7.
  14. Well, have downloaded the "tool," saved instructions as .pdf, and am ready to reboot. One thing to note: when I started having this particular issue, some two weeks ago, I had not undertaken any type of un/installation of eset. Overall I'm not aware of anything I did that precipitated the current issue. Curious....
  15. The "tool"? Well, I ran the uninstallation program, part of the eset installation. Is there a separate "tool" for uninstalling it?
  16. I have not tried pre-release versions. Certainly something to consider. As far as I know, I am on the latest version. I actually ended up installing a several-years-old version I had laying around. I installed without incident, and was followed by it updating both the program and the modules. So, yeah...I think I am on the latest ( of Internet Security). Was in a chat window with eset about 20 minutes ago. They wanted to remote into my computer, so I downloaded their remote tool, and it came down as "blahblahblah.desktop." I think their system auto-detected my browser and sent the wrong file. My browser presented as Linux, but I'm actually on Windows 7. Soooooooooooo, we tried to correct that by me starting a brand new chat session, but by the time I get it going, there were no more representatives available. Andddd, it's after hours now. So, rather exciting day.... Thanks for the feedback.
  17. Even when I manage to click/enable the "Allow and Remember...." radio button, the pop-up still disappears before I have the chance to say either Allow or Deny. Thing has a mind of its own....
  18. This is hugely frustrating. Sure hope eset can quickly figure out what's going on.
  19. Oh yeah...I've done that, and probably even within eset. But that's not what's been happening here (darn).
  20. I have not, but probably will, because the issue remains after an uninstallation and reinstallation. Interestingly, it appears that the now-you-see-it-now-you-don't pop-ups occur only when a request is made to the Internet. The pop-up remains when there is a requested connection to my local network. The mystery deepens....
  21. Repair failed; eset now crashes upon reboot (three reboots). Going for uninstall. Thanks for the link.
  22. I am not aware of any other alerts both being set to appear and actually appearing. So to answer your first question, yes.
  23. So, I just made the changes I stated above, and started up Google Earth. It's not been online for a while, and it always wants to connect immediately. Well, after making the stated changes, the eset pop-up window appeared and was gone almost instantaneously. So I'd say the changes I made had no effect. Anyone up for recommending a reinstallation?
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