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  1. Yes, that was what i was trying to do. Thanks!
  2. Hi, im trying to edit the new live agent to use a server shared url but i am getting "error 30" I noticed that there are some changes in the new live agent and the help article remains the same: hxxp://help.eset.com/era_admin/64/en-US/index.html?agent_live_installer.htm I did what the old article suggest but it doenst seems to work. Do i need to perform additional modifications? Regards, Federico
  3. I just updated my virtual appliance from 6.3 to 6.4 and in the appliance screen i dont have the aditional options like: enable webmin etc. Just the old screen. I updated with a remote administrator components task, is this a know issue or do i need to perform additional steps. Regards, Federico
  4. Hi Michael, it was isntalled following the steps in the EVS manual. I will open a support ticket, Thanks!
  5. Hi Michael, thanks for your response when i said that i only installed the agent i meant the vahost, you can see in the image it has no agent logo but it says managed yes. What you can see in the VM folder is a sincro of the vmware machines, i only installed the VMCI Driver on the windows 2012 so thats the one being managed. The problem is that it is managed by the vahost and i still cannot see the info, so it should be protected by the EVS appliance right, no endpoint solution requiered for what i can see in the EVS architecture graph
  6. I only installed the agent, do i need to install a security product too, in this case File security? I figured the EVS appliance would manage that since it has its own virus signature database.
  7. I just installed EVS everything seems to work fine but i cannot get the protected VM to show information on the details tab i only installed the VMCI Driver on the windows 2012 machine so thats the protected one any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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