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  1. It would be nice to see at least the subject, I need to know so I can adjust our external spam filter to block and stop the threat before it reaches the mailbox.
  2. our ERA server reports that it removed a threat in an e-mail, unfortunately ERA doesn't show the details about the e-mail, like subject, sender, etc. So I check the date and time and I open up the e-mail log on our external spam filter. It ends up as there is no e-mail for the reported user at that time and all e-mails close to that time are all legit. I then did a check with a different reported threat and different user, and the same as the other reported threat, no e-mail found at the reported time, and only legit e-mails close to the reported time. It's like ERA is making up threats. The server where ERA is running on is a domain member, so the time is synchronized with the DC's. The time on our external spam filter is also checked and both ERA server and spamfilter are showing the correct time. Where is this coming from, and is there a way to get more information about the e-mail where the threat was removed from ? TIA, Martin
  3. I don't like to use anything related to google, and I don't like the way Firefox works, at least that's how it feels to me. But the file gets downloaded in Edge but show the message in the end, so not a real big problem. Just checked to be sure if the file was save to use
  4. After manually uninstalling the agent using instructions from a moderator, I cannot re-install the agent. The install process reaches the screen where you can select if it's a cluster install or not, pressing the next button doesn't do anything. In the install log the following lines are added when you press the next button Action start 11:51:55: CA_DbCheckConnection. Action ended 11:51:55: CA_DbCheckConnection. Return value 1.
  5. is there a problem with the agent download on the site, I get the 'The signature of Agent_x64.msi is corrupt or invalid' message after downloading the 64bit version of the agent.
  6. Unfortunately the install log doesn't show anything usefull, it just stops, no error messages. @tmuster2k All the reg keys are gone, windows installer also sees it as a firsttime install.
  7. Hello Tomas, the manual uninstall worked, the agent is now fully uninstalled using the provided instructions. Only now the reinstall of the agent fails. When I get to the screen where you can select a cluster installation and press next then nothing happens, the setup stays at the same screen. I do the installation by using a msi file + transform file, the same one we use for our gpo. I used the same command I used on a different workstation which worked fine. @tbsky my issue was completely different as to no matter what account was used or uac enabled/disabled the installation couldn't ​be modified due to corruption. ​Martin
  8. The service cannot start at all, so that's not the problem in my case. It seems that the installation is corrupt, as the service won't start at all, and reports 'The remote server is disconnected or being restarted' in the eventlog (event ID 7024).
  9. No Eset Endpoint product is installed, only the agent.
  10. we install the remote administrator agent through a gpo, and it works on all systems except one. So I decided to uninstall the agent, but for some reason I'm not able to do this with any of the administrator account (local or domain). We get the error message "You are not a local administrator. Therefore you are not allowed to modify this product.". The pc has win 7 sp1 and all updates installed, on a different pc, same config and OS we can manually uninstall the agent. Anyone else had this happen and has a solution ? TIA, Martin
  11. As I only get the login screen, but cannot login as the Eset Remote Administrator Service starts and stops. The general version is 6.3, the size of em039_32 is 3758 kb and was last modified on 2-2-2016. ERA was a clean installation on a 32bit windows 2008 server stnd edition. ERA was working last week.
  12. In the trace log I see this line but cannot figure out what to do to fix it Error: Service​ [Thread 162c]: GetOptions: rpc call returned error: Failed to get values, path server.syslog.use_syslog Martin
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