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  1. Well, I finally got vsn 9 up & running. After reading above advice I thought I'd try again. This time couldn't get vsn 9 to install, Either live update or offline update. Kept hanging at about 88% looking for location of NUP115.msi file. So decided to uninstall vsn 8 & do clean install of vsn 9. But couldn't uninstall vsn 8 - so had to do a manual uninstall, safe mode, etc. Then installed vsn 9 which went fine. However once installed - still couldn't access web. Went into protocol filtering and had to manually add the client files. They were listed in the add dialog window - but had to manually add them. Then all worked well. I think vsn 9 has some sort of firewall incorporated as I hadn't had this in earlier updates. After getting it up & running on desktop, decided to install on laptop. Here installation went smoothly and worked right off the bat. Didn't have to get into protocol filter. Picked up clients automatically. So as was earlier suggested might have some basic conflict with my desktop computer. Could be so as it's configured as a dual boot system still running DOS6.2 & WinXP with System Commander at boot up. Still don't care for the UI of vsn 9. Thought vsn 8 had a cleaner look. Anyway all is well. Thanks to all for help.
  2. No, don't use the POS Ready hack. Thanks for the info. I'll try installing vsn 9 again & report the results.
  3. Vsn 9 was installed from Eset site with live installer. Only went to File Hippo to get the previous vsn 8 for reinstall. No special rules in Win Firewall. Running Asus router with home network. No special classification. Thanks for your input, but I suspect that vsn 9 probably noy compatible with winxp.
  4. Running WinXP Sp3 with Firefox 43 and Nod32 vsn 8. Running fine, no problems. Win firewall is on. After installing vsn 9, couldn't get on internet. Tried disabling Nod 32 and then could access web fine. Been using Nod32 since vsn 2.7 and every upgrade up to vsn 9 was seamless. Just didn't have patience to start configuring vsn 9 with ports & Hip, etc. I figure the upgrade should be seamless and if not I'll do without. Uninstalled vsn 9 and reinstalled vsn 8 from File Hippo and again running fine. Besides, I don't care for the new UI.
  5. Installed version 9 yesterday and couldn't get on web. Had no desire to spend an hour or so reconfiguring, I uninstalled it, reinstalled version 8 and all is well. Running WinXP & have been using nod32 AV since version 2.7.
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