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  1. Martin, This seems to have cured the problem for now. Still deploying. My results below. Thank you so much for the help. I've included below the queries for MS SQL Server so if you want, you can post this to the forum and both will be in one place Thanks again! Steve ====================================================== (SERVER SERVICE OFF for these two queries!!) mysql --host=localhost --user=root --password era_db --execute 'UPDATE tbl_etl_event_csn SET last_csn = 0 WHERE plan_name = "sp_clientTasks"; DELETE FROM tbl_client_task_aggr;' MS SQL Equivalent is (using Management Studi
  2. There were no incidents with the server or configuration changes made between the initial deployment and now. I have sent you the private message with the files. Thanks! Steve
  3. I initially installed the ESET Server, ERA Console version 6.3 in January. We did an initial push to about 35 of our 230+ machines then. No problems. Push the agent, push the Endpoint Security, Activate, and assign the policy. I went to add a machine in February and it would not show the Tasks or the progress bars for the tasks. Although the Agent will still install, sometimes and sometimes not the software will install. Policy and activation, sometimes. But the tasks that were created are not visible, no progress bars, nothing. I tried deleting the visible tasks but nothing changed. S
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