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  1. Hi Marcos, thank you for your quick answer. It does make sense because the current trojans do not send infected office files in zip files yet. So we want to block all attached office files. Our customers sent office files always zipped, so we want to accept these attachments. I have no other strategy again the current threads like locky. Best regards Markus
  2. Hi all, I'm new at eset and happy with this great software and I have two questions: 1.) I have an old windows 2003 terminalserver. On the server runs visual basic 6. The sourcecode is saved on a network share (1 Gbit LAN). The network shares and the visual basic 6 file extensions have been defined as exceptions (f. e. \\server\source\*, frm, vbp. frx, etc.). When we open a visual basic 6 project it takes 2 minutes to open a project. When we disable eset it takes 15 seconds. What can I do to get this faster? 2.) We use Exchange with ESET Mail Security for Exchange and we want to delete all the attached office files from incoming mails. So we have added an eset mail transport rule and it works fine. How can we ensure that office files inside zip files are not deleted from the mails? Best regards Markus
  3. Hi all, we want to change our antivirus to eset. We are on trial and I tried to install the Remote Administrator 6 on our server. It fails, because on drive c: was not enough free disk space (the application needs 5 GB). But during installation, there is no option to change the installation folder. How can I change the installation folder of the Remote Administrator 6? Is Eset inflexible like this setup routine? Best regards Markus
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