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  1. I will send Marcos the exported settings when I will have hands on a machine again. Today I didn't have.
  2. I have disabled startup scan tasks with no success. When you say "other scanners" you mean other programs?
  3. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it again. I didn't let it do the initial scan as I let it before, as I said above. It is doing nothing weird till now so I think there is nothing to be found in the log to be sent but I noticed two computers at work (we have the same product installed there) doing the same thing, after startup ESET does a computer scan. Unfortunately, the boss doesn't allow any data to be collected and sent to Marcos, so, we must find something else to do. I cannot do uninstallation of the program there too as I do not have direct access to them, I only do a very quick job via Team Viewer and they cannot be restarted at working hours.
  4. I did what you said, uninstallation of the program using REVO uninstaller (advanced mode), restart and reinstallation. It did an initial scan that took several hours and now, every time I open my computer, 3-4 seconds after my desktop appears, the program's window pops up and it opens my web browser with this page: https://help.eset.com/eis/11.2/el-GR/idh_page_scan.html (it is https://help.eset.com/eis/11.2/en-US/idh_page_scan.html the one in english). Every time the same thing happens. I did not change any setting, I just added some files to exclude them from scanning.
  5. I told it before, let me tell it one more time: everything was activated by default. I had changed nothing. After noticing those startup scans, I disabled all these settings. So, there is no reason to turn them back on until I find out how to disable that scanning.
  6. I disabled all of them when the problem started. They were all enabled and I disabled them trying to find a way to stop that scan. EDIT: I enabled the two first options and heuristic analysis.
  7. Here are the screenshots. They are in Greek but I think that you will manage to unsterstand what is going on. I did some translations, I am not sure if the english version uses the same words. The first one, 11.png, is the scanning. This is what I see automatically every time I turn on my pc with doing absolutely nothing, neither the mouse is moved. It is just saying "computer scan". The second file, 22.png, is scheduled tasks and the last one is advanced settings for startup scan.
  8. You didn't understand both of you. Every time I boot Windows Eset IS shows up and starts scanning all my files automatically. It is a scan that I never asked for.
  9. I have Internet security and every time I turn on my pc it is scanning my files. I have disabled all scannings in scheduled tasks, I have disabled every option at objects to check in Threatsense for startup scanning in advanced settings but it keeps scanning at startup. It is really annoying. What can I do to stop it?
  10. I made it!! My wife sent me via mail two encrypted files. I used TeslaDecoder from here: hxxp://download.bleepingcomputer.com/BloodDolly/TeslaDecoder.zip and followed the instructions from "Instructions.html" which is inside the zip file of the TeslaDecoder. In an hour (with my pour 3GHz 4-core AMD cpu) I managed to find the key needed to decrypt these files. Thank you my friend jcwrks !!!
  11. Here is the report from VirusTotal. Nod32 is not detecting it. https://www.virustotal.com/el/file/d133f70b8c784de760c3a949cf9a6b24708812a62607a5e18f7fcc8721c3333c/analysis/1454588471/
  12. Hello again!! As the technician seems to be unable to do something to help, I told my wife to forward the mail to my mail account. I used Acronis true Image to back my laptop's disk sector by sector and then I opened the mail with the virus. I wanted to infect the laptop in order to be able to give you accurate info, log etc for the virus. The mail has an attached zip file containing only a .js file. I ran it and nothing happened. With right click I opened the properties, In the General tab I checked the Unlock radio button (It was saying "the file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer"), pressed Apply and tried again. I ran it many times and nothing happened. I uninstalled nod32 version 8, rebooted and ran it again. Nothing happens. My laptop cannot be infected? Why? My wife's pc has windows XP. My laptop has windows 7. Is it the reason for not getting infected?
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