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  1. Since all was reinstalled, with a new DB, will my station get back into the remote administrator console or do I have to add them manually?
  2. You are a beast! Reinstalling Java did the trick! Thank you very much!
  3. Yep, freshly downloaded from the website. Netstat -an | find "2222" gives me: TCP LISTENING TCP TIME_WAIT TCP TIME_WAIT TCP TIME_WAIT TCP TIME_WAIT TCP TIME_WAIT TCP [::]:2222 [::]:0 LISTENING UDP *.* LISTENING Netstat -an | find "2223" gives me: TCP LISTENING TCP [::]:2223 [::]:0 LISTENING UDP *.* Is it normal that the file was in so many subdirectories? C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 7.0\webapps\era\WEB-INF\classes\sk\eset\era\g2webconsole\server\modules\config. Settings in it are localhost and 2223 Also, the Login failed error is almost instantly. As soon as I click Login (whether I put a password or not), I get the error Thanks
  4. I cannot reinstall SQL as other software uses it. When reinstalling the server part, I did create a new database though. The service is running. Already tried restarting Apache from Systray. I can connect using: telnet locahost 2223 but I get weird prompt : smily and heart icons. Not sure if it's normal. Thanks
  5. Hi, We have an issue with Remote Administrator 6.2. I can't login anymore after an update done by the console itself. I can't login anymore, I get Login failed: Communication error. I've reinstalled Remote Administrator AND Web console but still getting the same error. What can I do?
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