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  1. Interesting.....  I used FireFox and it wouldn't work for me -- but I'm downloading it just fine now, using that direct link provided.


    (BTW: If you visit the link for the Remote Administrator deployment guide from v6.2, the embedded download link for the .ova file in it just produces an error 404, not found. Understandable since 6.3 is out now, but it might be helpful for folks running into the older document when Googling for it to redirect to the latest version instead?)


  2. I'm not able to download the latest ERA as a virtual appliance?


    Every time I go to the proper page and select the version for VMWare and click the download button, it just says to wait and the transfer never starts.

    Pretty sure the file is missing or named incorrectly on the ESET server someplace.

  3. Ever since I installed the ERA 6.2 Linux based appliance to run as a virtual machine on our VMWare ESXi server, I've run into problems with it.  It was working fine for several days at a time, but then I'd discover it stopped letting clients communicate with it. Attempting to log in to it via the web console would result in a "not connected" message and it wouldn't accept either my local administrator login or any of the domain logins.  If I rebooted it, it would start working again for 2-3 more days and then have the same issue.


    At some point, I stumbled onto a tech note from ESET that referred to this type of issue and provided a replacement file to copy over the top of an existing one on the Linux appliance. I tried this, restarted it, and discovered that now, it doesn't let me log in at all anymore.  (Starting to wonder if I needed to change / set some security permissions for that file I replaced or something?)


    Has anyone else experienced this same general problem though?  I can start over with a fresh install of the ERA appliance, but then I'll be right back to it having problems every few days again.



  4. Our business has been using ESET 5 endpoint and the remote admin console for a while now, and I finally decided it was time to make the move to version 6.


    So far, I'm afraid I'm in the camp with the "unsatisfied" folks in this message thread, even though I just started deploying this using the latest version 6.2.


    As we have a VMWare ESXi server already, I decided to use the virtual appliance for the ERA 6, running CentOS Linux. (Good for us, since I'd be stuck using up a Windows server license otherwise, setting up a new VM just for this application.) Just successfully downloading the appliance was a struggle though. My transfer of the 6GB file kept failing, about 3-4GB into it - and it didn't appear "auto resume" was supported for the transfers. When it finally did download successfully, it was only after a LONG wait because it appeared ESET didn't have much available bandwidth. (We're on a 50mbit symmetrical broadband circuit here but my transfer rates never got about 240K per second or so.... painfully slow!)


    As others have commented, it seems the Linux documentation is really lacking. For starters, once I got the virtual appliance up and running, I realized it was complaining that its OS was out of date. Luckily, I knew enough about CentOS to know that I could issue the "yum update" command from the console to download the update patches ... but didn't see this mentioned anyplace in the instructions. (Honestly, shouldn't this be built into the web console GUI so people can just click a button to update the centOS?)


    Another issue is with the lack of ability to use ssh to connect to a terminal session in this virtual appliance. By default, it seems to be disabled. The setup wizard should at least offer the option to enable ssh for a range of IP addresses so it can be used on the local network. (Yes, I get that this is a function of CentOS itself and not your ERA software -- but you shouldn't make users know enough about Linux to reconfigure these basic features that will clearly be used by sysadmins wanting to work with the appliance.)


    Now that I have the box up and running, I'm encountering the same problem others have reported, where even if I manually install the agent on a Windows server and provide the correct information to point it to the ERA appliance, it never checks in. (I know at least *some* sort of communication happened between the agent and the ERA 6 appliance, because I asked it to create the machine name in a specific part of the group folder tree in ERA and it showed up there. But after that, I can't get the ERA to display anything other than "unknown" beside the machine name.) Maybe this is just user error of some kind, but I'm 3 days into working with this thing so far and still can't make a single workstation "check in" with any valid info.  Not impressed at all, especially given the fact I had version 5 up and running in one afternoon.

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