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  1. ESET is a formidable product, I knew of this product because my school's computers use it. The security features were so flawless on the school computers that I had no problem recommending it to my family and friends. I didn't know there was a mobile version for ESET until I was on Twitter and I saw your promoted tweet. I downloaded it and so far, its amazing. Not many people think about viruses when they're on their phone because they assume viruses are only on laptops and desktops. I'll have no problem telling all my friends at school about this extraordinary product.

    I'm also a computer enthusiast and I'm going to go to University for a degree in Computer Science in Fall 2014. My goal is to work as a Software Engineer when I get my degree in 4 years.

    Keep up the good work ESET engineers and everyone who has contributed into making this speechless product!


    It would be smart to move the "uninstall" button into a category such as "help" as a sub category. Seeing the "Uninstall" button so often might push some end users to delete the app prematurely.

    Notifications: I found myself restricting the app from giving me notifications because I'm one of those people that likes a clean status bar. A consumer should be able to 'swipe' to remove any notifications this app delivers such as the "ESET- Security Risk!" If you want, you can make the notifications come periodically, every 5-6 hours the user should be notified. But its important that when they're notified, it doesn't interfere with their current task. There's a saying "the nail that sticks out, is the one that gets hammered down". In this context, if there is a permanent notification, some users might get fed up with it being there and it might push them to uninstall the application. There should be an option to "slide to dismiss" the notification.

    Also, there should be a functionality where the app automatically checks for other anti viruses that might be installed. This is only because we need to make the consumer do the least amount of work. Most users aren't THAT tech savy, they just want it to work.

    I have only used to the app for a couple of days now, but in a couple of weeks I'll write a detailed review on this forum. I don't want to write things that should be implemented when they already are. I'm noting down glitches that occur multiple times. Quality is better than quantity so I want to ensure my suggestions are well done and not stating the obvious.

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