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  1. 14 minutes ago, ECELeader said:

    Please note that multi-device-security will not activate a Smart Security Premium license but an Internet Security one. That means that you won't be able to use the Password Manager and Secure data encryption features.

    Thank you for that information. :)

  2. I'm running the Trial Version of ESET "Smart Security Premium" on my HP computer using Windows 7. I have another computer using Windows 7 also which I'll be putting ESET on. I also have a iMac computer running macOS Mojave. I want to put ESET on my Mac also when I upgrade to macOS Catalina when it is released soon. My question is when I buy my license at the end of the trial, do I buy "Smart Security Premium" to install on all three computers (two Win 7's and one Mac) or do I have to buy a separate license for the Mac? I want to make sure I buy the right license when the time comes after the trial.

  3. Hello forum members. I'm a very long time lurker here on the forum (2014). I decided to drop my other Security Software that I have been using for many, many years. I downloaded the Free Trial version of ESET on my HP Desktop Win 7 computer yesterday and I am impressed how light it is on the old computer. I believe ESET will be a keeper after the trial is over. I am still looking into ESET for Mac because I am very particular what Security Software I put on the Mac computer. Two different worlds Mac and Windows LOL. More than likely I'll be buying a license after the trial is over. :)

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