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  1. And...It is still broken in build 18970. Once again, after the 18970 update, I did the whole uninstall / run the uninstaller executable in safe mode / reinstall routine.  I can't pause a startup scan, can't initiate a new scan, can't access logs, can't access ANY configuration screen, can't back up or restore settings, and can't even tell ESET to get on the pre-release update (in case that happens to fix this) because the Advanced Settings window is blank.  So because ESET is completely uncontrollable, I have uninstalled it.  *sigh* 

    How can we find out when ESET and WIndows are playing well together again?  Aside from doing another round of installing, that is? 

    Oh...I forgot to add...I created a support ticket for this issue a couple weeks ago. The response: You are running the Insider Preview, so that's too bad.  DOH. lol   I was offering to help ESET, but with that response, I doubt my feedback and willingness to help got back to anyone that might have needed to know about this.

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