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  1. We've been using ESET security products (v5) as part of our IT security strategy for about a year now and I thought I would provide some feedback to other users and ESET itself.



    One thing worth mentioning is the sales process we undertook was horrific. The ESET partners we dealt with were completely unprofessional, unorganised and unresponsive. We shouldn't have to elevate issues to ESET country managers to migrate and expand licenses. Although this has been resolved, it will be one of the things raised in our next renewal and purchse review as a negative against ESET as the professionality of partners is not of an acceptable standard and definitely not comparable with the partners/vendors of other competing products.

    Overall, we're satisfied with the product but it's important to understand it's limitations and scope. I think it's critical to have a strong network based IDS and IPS alongside these host-based products, we even use additional host-based solutions in certain cases.


    I would like to second the input of Staj regarding the local sales process.


    In our own office (5 users) we have happily paid for direct downloads of small numbers of antivirus licenses for several years without issue. Recently a client requested a needs assessment for an office of 25+ computers and users. We recommended ESET and assisted them with the sales process. Sadly, when it comes to groups of this size, the client is forced to make the purchase via a local reseller.


    The reseller took ages to respond by phone, eventually sending a quote by e-mail, and then sent a batch of licenses without invoicing. We kept chasing them to issue an invoice, so as not to risk installing licenses that could at any time be revoked by ESET for non-payment.


    Eight weeks since being referred to the (Trinidad and Tobago) reseller, the client still has not been invoiced. Yes, they sent a file containing license keys and we installed for the client. We reminded them to issue the invoice so the client can pay. They first interpreted the reminder as a request to invoice US (how can you not know who you gave 25 license keys to??). We clarified but are still not able to get anyone by phone. E-mails take days or weeks to be noticed. How long till the client loses protection?


    I have to question the value of having a local representative when all the end user needs is to send payment online and receive a batch of licenses! We have taken care of the individual installs, keeping track of who is issued which key, etc, so it seems all the reseller does is collect a commission for our recommendation, and create extra steps to issuing keys. I now regret making this recommendation, even though I know from experience that the product is good. How do I sign up to replace the local rep? It's partly a joke, but I would be very willing for the sake of my own clients' experience! And if ESET ever tells me that because I am in Trinidad and Tobago I have to go through a local firm to buy my own 5 licenses.... that will be the last day I use an otherwise excellent product! :-(

  2. Hello ESET people and users,

    I am an information systems consultant in the Caribbean. Our consultancy helps clients to make the best use of their systems to make business activities more profitable and more efficient. Sometimes we advise on getting more out of existing infrastructure; sometime we support businesses to make a change or upgrade their ERP or other business information tools. We use ESET in our small company because it is unobtrusive and easy to use. I also recommend ESET where my clients have a need for anti-virus protection.


    you can learn more about our context at www.connectconsulting.co, if you're curious.



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