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  1. Description: The ability to customize notification messages to sites that have been blocked/filtered through ERA policy.


    Detail: Currently, when an employee is prevented from accessing a site that fits a certain category, for example "Gambling", they see a notice that the site was blocked because it fit the "Gambling" category.  It would be great if we, the IT Admins, were able to customize the warning message that the end user sees. For instance, we could customize the message to "Notify the user that the site they are accessing violates XYZ policy, etc. And to contact the Help Desk should they require further  assistance."

  2. I am a former Symantec Endpoint user. I switched the whole organization over to ESET Endpoint Security because it was a far better product. But as with all comparable software, there is always something that the other guy has that you wish you had.

    Description: Ability to quickly verify that ESET client is reporting back to ERA server.

    Detail: With Symantec, the system tray icon is a gold shield that would display a GREEN dot whenever it was reporting to the main server. The green dot would be missing if it was not reporting to the main server. Which was a great visual aid for our end-users to see if their system is checking-in to receive the latest policy updates and definitions. It would be a great feature add-on for ESET to have a similar display icon that visually indicates that the client is checking-in with the ERA server. Perhaps have the "eset-eye" turn a different color when it is connected to the ERA server. See examples below:

    Green = Normal, up to date, checked-in to ERA server



    Blue = Normal and up to date, not reporting to ERA server



    Red = Problem!! Needs attention!


  3. Description: Application Blocking - Ability to BLOCK certain applications from running or even being installed.


    Detail: It would be great if ESET could implement a way to block certain applications from running or even being installed. By using the ERA, an Administrator could create a policy that would BLACKLIST (or WHITELIST) certain applications from being installed, launching and/or running as a service. 


    Symantec Endpoint Protection has this feature and it allows you to block an application from running either by it's application fingerprint or executable name. 

    With the development of certain applications, such as Dropbox, Chrome, Spotify, etc., that have the ability of being installed under a Standard user's profile which circumvents the need to be an Administrator to install an application, it is becoming more and more difficult for IT administrators to block these type of "rogue" apps from being installed on a computer by standard users. Most of these apps use common ports for outbound and inbound communication so they are not easily blocked using firewall settings.


    Hope to see this feature implemented SOON!!

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