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  1. Hey Everyone,


    I searched around the forum and I did not see an answer for this. If I am running the Virtual Appliance, is there a way for me to convert that to a Windows Server 20012 R2? Meaning can I back up all my clients and configs and restore to the Windows platform. 


    It seems like the Virtual Appliance is next to impossible to manage and upgrade. 


    Thank you,



  2. I would like to chime in that I am seeing the same. Let me give you some information about my setup. I am running the ERA 6.3 Linux Virtual Appliance. Restarting the ERA server does not seem to resolve the issue. I have not restored the appliance to an earlier time. 


    When I look at client details, I can see all information about the NICS, OS version etc. Clients are physical machines, not virtual. 


    I am not sure how to check the logs on the virtual appliance. 

  3. Hello All,


    I am curious to know if anyone has some best practices regarding policies with the ESET product? I have one in place now with my security product for my clients, but I am curious if I should deploy others as well.

  4. When I attempt to create a new Server Cert using the existing CA, I get the below. 


    Failed to create certificate: Creating and signing peer certificate failed. Check input parameters for invalid or reserved characters, check certification authority pfx/pkcs12 signing certificate and corresponding password.: Trace info: ParsePkcs12: Could not verify password (invalid password or corrupted pkcs12 structure

  5. I created both a new CA and a new CERT. These are the errors we are getting now. 


    Error: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "" port: 2222' failed with: Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Incorrect/unknown certificate or key format.


    Agent peer certificate with subject 'CN=Agent certificate for host' issued by 'CN=CA for Outside Computers, C=US' with serial number '01ccaa780f61734724b7d8db1070c26d0801' is invalid now (NodVerifyTrustResult: 6, NVT_NotTrustedRoot, X509ChainStatus: 0x10000, X509CSF_PartialChain)
    Peer certificate may be valid but can not be verified on this machine
    Check time validity and presence of issuing certification authority
    Error: VerifyDnsSubjectAltName: Hostname does not match any supported record in certificate SubjectAltName extension (dmi1-eset.corp.lehighgas.local,,
    Remote host:
  6. Hello,


    We have certain situations where we want to protect remote computers that will not be part of the LAN or VPN.


    I have setup a public ip on my firewall and NATs as well. Pings and telnets to ports 2222 and 2221 tell me this is working. I am having issues with the certificate. I created a cert with the outside dns name of my eset, however the agent installer is throwing the error that host name does not match.


    Do I need to create a new cert and bind that to an agent installer in these cases?


    I also cannot create a peer cert, eset is giving me a long winded message about that as well. 


    Thank you,




    Hello Chris,

    As of now, it is OK, if you use either the standard backup software, or virtual machine snapshots. Basically, what is important is to backup the Server Database, as that´s the place where everything important for ERA is stored (including certificates). 

    However, for the summer release, we will provide improved appliances based on CentOS 7, that will have built in DB backup options and will also support migration from the older versions of appliances, as that would be the recommended scenario. 


    This is really welcome feature! Thanks!


    Agreed, I am looking forward to that feature as well. Thank you for the heads up!

  8. Hello,


    Everything is working fine with ESET, except for the issue that I cannot ping the ip address of the server. I believe this has something to do with the firewall on the linux appliance provided by ESET. Anyone know how I can allow this or remove it. 


    I cannot ping from multiple locations both on and off the subnet ESET is on.







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