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Emailed reports not showing correctly

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I created a new report to track and make sure i bill my license correctly. The report shows great when i click generate report. But when i have it emailed to me it shows incorrectly. The 2nd page starts halfway down the first page and gets cut off. anyone else experience this or know how to resolve?


we are using MSP for licenses. 

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  • ESET Staff

Unfortunately this is known issue of ERA 6.4 release. In case specific conditions are met, PDF report is not properly rendered and it is either partially missing or duplicates data on last page.


As a workaround until next release is available you can replace problematic module with older version originally released with ERA 6.3. Installation is simple in case you are using Windows operating system: backup & replace attached file (ReportPrinterTool.exe) in SERVER's program files.


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