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ESET ERA/WEB Console upgrade

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Iam little confused regarding ERA and Web console Upgrade.


Which one shall do 1st?


what is the correct Procedure?


will this upgrade interupts the Clients?


Can someone please POST the exact Procedure 


Pease see atatch the Ver No of ESET ERA and Web Console


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You should be able to just use the Components Upgrade task, it'll upgrade all the required components. That what it's there for.

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  • ESET Moderators

There are three upgrade methods depending on your network environment:

  • Run the ERA components upgrade task, with target set to the machine where ERA Server is running: Perform a Component Upgrade task from the ERA Web Console.
  • Download the all-in-one installer on Windows, which supports a standalone installation of ERA Web Console.
  • Perform a manual component-based upgrade of ERA
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  • Former ESET Employees
Hello kaleemullahbilal,
As recommended by the other posters, I also recommend using the component upgrade task as described in this knowledgebase article: hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3668/#upgradeera
Expected downtime of ERA server is about 15 - 30 mins once the task starts. However, this should not affect your clients antivirus security. You will just be unable to perform any new management tasks until the task finishes.
However, if you plan on upgrading manually, you will need to download the latest server msi, agent msi, and web console. I've listed the direct download links for these components below.
I typically upgrade the server component first (though it doesn't matter which you do first). To upgrade the server, run the server installation file on the system ERA server is currently running on (this requires administrator rights). The upgrade of the server component should not require any further configuration, the installer should already detect an installed Server component and begin the upgrade process.
To upgrade the Web Console, you will need to locate the Apache Tomcat webapps directory. This is typically in: "C:\program files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat7\Webapps". Then follow the steps below:
1. Open services.msc and stop the Apache tomcat service
2. Rename the 'era' subdirectory in the 'webapps' directory (maybe to era.bk)
3. Extract the contents of the web console download (era.zip) to the tomcat webapps folder
4. Start the Apache Tomcat Service

Final step is to upgrade the agent component that is running on the server, while this is not going to affect the actual administration tasks performed by ERA server, it is good practice to upgrade all components. Upgrading the Agent is as simple as upgrading the Server component, just run the installer over the top of the current installation (administrator permissions required).

This process should only take 10-20 minutes total, and your ERA server will only be down for ~5-10 minutes. This upgrade should not affect client management, security, or reporting in any way. Once the server is back up the ERA agents on your workstations should check back into ERA as normal.

Let me know if you have any other questions on the upgrade process.
Best Regards,
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