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Is Gamer Mode auto-enabled when using a VR headset?


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I understand that Gamer Mode will auto-enable if a full screen app runs. I've also heard that if you're using multiple monitors, it will disable if you full screen an app on any of them.


So now I wonder if it kicks in when using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. They connect to a display port like a monitor, but don't quite work like one. I have the Vive and while it connects to one of the video card outputs, it doesn't turn on until something that uses it is run, so I'm not sure if windows sees this as a full screen application on a display, or as something else entirely going on.


Does anyone know the answer, and if not, is there a way to see if Gamer Mode was enabled? If so I can just test myself. Otherwise, I feel like I should force it on to ensure I'm getting the most resources while playing VR stuff, but that's a pain to remember to do (and then to turn it back off).


I think it would be good for ESET to ensure that Gamer Mode is enabled for VR apps, and make it clear in the documentation if they count as full screen apps, as more of us are adopting it and looking for antivirus that won't interfere.

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