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iTunes and whitelist kids protection

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Hi all,


Just installed Eset Smart Security.


In the Kids protection section I can put in a white list of domains where my kids may go on the Internet.


This works fine.


Now when they start the program iTunes it won't work. They can't see the library and they cannot search for new music.


I have added apple.com and itunes.com to the whitelist.


Now they see the library but still cannot search for new music. iTunes simply does not show the seach results.


I have searched with google to find how to whitelist the connections that iTunes makes but that was not enough to make the search function work properly.


What domains do I need to whitelist to make iTunes work again?


Thank you,



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Have you checked the parental control log to see which domains get blocked ?  It might be difficult to achieve what you want to do, as Apple use a CDN with multiple IPs, and I think that parental control filters don't allow you to set a program as an exclusion, only a category or URL.

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