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Migrating from 5 to 6: Licensing

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We're migrating our endpoints and ERA from version 5 to 6 but we're very wary of the many changes that have been made (especially to ERA). We've installed ERA6 but did not migrate the database (we're rebuilding configuration policies from scratch), my problem is, we don't want to do a direct migration as we want to do extensive testing first as we have many clients at many sites and some are in mission-critical environments. How can I test ERA6 with Endpoint 6 clients whilst still maintaining ERA5 and Endpoint 5 clients in production and be compliant with our license?

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First of all you should convert your license to the new format using ESET License Administrator (ELA) conversion page.

Then, you can install ERA 6 and either deploy the ERA agent to the few existing Endpoint clients and then upgrade them to V6, or you can create couple of fresh machines with V6 directly.

Our licensing won't report overusage from this perspective as only V6 clients (or V5 clients activated via ERA agent) are evaluated (counted) into the new licensing system consumption. ERA V6 install won't use any license quantity forvitself.

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