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Activation of NOD32 Antivirus for Linux Desktop

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I am not able to activate trial version of NOD32 for linux desktop. (Kubuntu  13.04 and Lubuntu 13.04)

I always was getting message “Error communicating with activation database.  Please wait 15 minutes and click “Update virus signature database”.  

The connection on eset update server should be OK. I saw in the netstat list active connection.

I have tried to reinstall application several times but it didn’t help me.

I have tried to clear update cache also without success of activation.  

Could you please help. Thanks.

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Thanks for replay, but it didn’t help me.


I am thinking that connection to eset servers is OK. I am able to ping eset server

Also sudo netstat –tuap shows that communication to eset server is established.


But I can see that fields with Username and Password are blank. IS it OK in trial license?

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  • ESET Staff

No It is not ok that Username and Password fields are blank. There should be username starts TRIAL- and 10 numbers , when you choose actiavate trial you will receive email with username and password to your email adress.

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