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Removing licence from old clients

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I have got 250 licences for ESET clients.


ELA show me that 269 are activated, all from Remote Administrator by a planned task

but I cant disable or remove licences from older computers that do not exist anymore in ELA. It tells me that I cannot remove licences activated from remote administrator

I did not find any menu in Remote Administrator where I can disable older computers to use a licence


Can u tell me how I should do?


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  • ESET Staff

How were the licenses added to the ESET Remote Adminstrator? By license key or by security admin account?

You should login to the License Administrator console, with the License key and ELA password. Then you will be to "deactivate" the seats you want.

You can check the ELA documentation: hxxp://help.eset.com/ela/en-US/index.html?faq.htm

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If I log in ELA with admin account, I can see licences and seats activated.

I can see the deactivate button, but I have got no checkbox near each seat to select computers to disable





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Finally understood

You need to logon using the licence key and password associated

You cannot change anything with the security admin account...


Not really easy to understand

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I got caught by the same :-) I think I even posted here.


Once I understood, I went through all my clients, deactivated them, and reactivated them the right way. If you activate them with the security admin account, you can deactivate them with the security admin account.





EDIT here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/5779-ela-portal-is-not-working/?hl=security+admin+account#entry31825

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