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Email message in Outlook changed to draft by ESET


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To prevent sync issues, you'll need to install Endpoint v6 (only English version is currently available for download from the US website).

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is this confirmed fixed in v6? what is the solution for those of us who cannot move to v6?

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we have also the problem (sync-errors) with a shared mail account for incoming orders (about 15 GB).


Following entries in the sync-protocol:

10:06:16 Checking local modifications

10:06:16 Compare property: 0x007D001F

10:06:16 Ignore property: 0x3FFA001F

10:06:16 Compare named property: EsetMessageFlag

10:06:16 Compare named property: Emon Scanner Build

10:06:16 Getting remote properties

10:06:16 Checking remote modifications

10:06:16 Compare (conflict) property: 0x007D001F


And a few lines later:

(xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx) with Microsoft SMTP Serv

10:06:16 Not equal (conflict) property: 0x007D001F

10:06:16 Local modification: {09:05:59.0294  03/12/2015 [DD/MM/YYYY]}

10:06:16 Remote modification: {09:06:15.0621  03/12/2015 [DD/MM/YYYY]}

10:06:16 Conflict generated, remote item is winner


We use Endpoint Antivirus 6.2.2021.2 and 6.2.2033.1 (german) and the ESET-Addin for Outlook. Our Exchange Server is in house.

Is there any news, recommendation or solution?


Tank you


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Also worth noting that it appears the draft issue is more prevalent at the start of every month. For three days beginning on the 1st, roughly 70-100% of emails coming in would be sent into draft mode, whereas now only about 10-20% are affected. 

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I did contact the Hotline, they recommend to disable the "ESET integration into Outlook", because the E-Mail is already checked on the Exchange-Server.​

It helps - the sync errors have gone, but I think this isnt really a solution ...

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We are also having this issue.  We have Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 on Exchange 2013.  Our Outlook 2016 is on a 2012 R2 RDS server.  We are seeing this issue in a shared mailbox environment. We do not see this issue on individual mailboxes.


Cannot disable Eset integration because we have e-mail addresses that are not through Exchange server and need Outlook protected.  What other solution are available?

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Hello All, hi RvW,

We are using Exchange Cached Mode in Outlook clients.


The problem seems to be from Microsoft, not ESET.

We´d like to make clear that we´ve updated our Exchange 2013 CU3 to CU11 and the Drafts Messages disappeared from Shared Mailboxes. And we are still using Eset 5.

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Okay, please try the following:


(And I do mean try because I was not able to test this myself.)


- go to advanced settings (or just open ESET and hit F5)
- go to Web and email
- go to Email client protection
- go to Alerts and notifications

Change "Append tag messages..." (the first option) to "Never".


Please let me know if this works.


This seems to be related to:

ESET Endpoint Security causing duplication of emails and sync conflicts in Outlook

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I mean, after upgrading to CU13 the problem was solved.

We don´t have Outlook messages changed to Draft anymore.

We did not have to upgrade ESET.

We are still using ESET v.5.

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Out of curiosity, Surfergirl, why are you still using v5?


Have you considered upgrading to v6?


For your own safetey you should consider using the latest version.

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Our corporate hosts are heterogeneous and we are not used to upgrade imediately to new versions. We first waited ESET v.6 Portuguese to be released and waited for it´s first Engine Update, when several bugs where corrected. At the end of last year, our Brazilian supplier flagged Ok and we started our migration schedule.

We are now applying compatibility tests with some group of users and expect to conclude migration this year.

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