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Upgraded to ESMX 6.4 from 4.5, no spam score in logs

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I upgraded to 6.4 over the weekend from 4.5.


Emails that used to get delivered to Outlook's Junk Email folder are now being dumped into user's Inbox. In the Log Files section of the GUI, there are only "rejected" items in the log, no more "retained" items. There is no "Score" column to let me see what each item's score is. With 4.5, anything with a score above 50 would get delivered to the Junk Email folder. Looking at the antispam settings, i see nothing about spam score.


When i look at a spam email's headers the bottom shows this:

X-ESET-AS: R=OK;S=0;OP=CALC;TIME=1477422965;VERSION=4517;MFE-VER=47;MC=3011984922;TRN=0
X-ESET-Antispam: OK
X-EsetResult: clean, is OK
X-EsetId: 37303A2971705866647C67
I believe the S is Score, and all the Spam i've been getting says "S=0".
I can see loads of rejected emails being rejected because of RBL or cloud blocklists. It's almost like that is the only thing being blocked, and everything else is getting through. Help!



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  • ESET Staff

Hi TedGlass,

There is no spam score column in EMSX v6.

If you receive spam that is not caught by AS protection please collect some samples and submit them to support.

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