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stop eset firewall from blocking my paid vpn

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i try To connect To a vpn by openvpn over udp:53


it does work. But is very slow if eset Firewall is Online.


if i Turn Firewall Offline My vpn is Back with full speed.

so it isn't blocked at All. Only parttime this makes openvpn resending packages. and explains slowdown for me


eset Firewall Log File shows unexpected Data detected in protocol myip:randomsourceport To vpnip:53


i tired disable this blocking by adding vpnip To trusted Zone and created rules for openvpn and remote IP To allow everything To there.


also still like To be protected by eset Firewall when using vpn Connection


can you help me please howto disable the unexpected protocoll detection of openvpn?

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the only way to use my vpn connection as it should be, is to disable firewall. log says 1000´s of 

unexpected Data detected in protocol


howto whilelist?

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