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Windows has detected an IP Conflict

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I keep getting the dialog box that WIndows has detected an IP Conflict.   I have no idea what the conflict could be.  Could I have a virus?


When I click on the word Computer, it gives me the IP address  The router IP address.


What should I do?


I have run the scans, and I find nothing.



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Most likely more devices in your LAN use the IP address Do you have all computers configured to obtain the IP address automatically from a DHCP server?

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This is a bit strange noting that the alert is for your router's address. This usually occurs as noted below:


More than likely, one of the computers or devices on your home network has a static ip address, and is duplicating one that is being assigned by DHCP.


Ref.: hxxp://www.tenforums.com/network-sharing/57540-windows-has-detected-ip-address-conflict.html

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