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Database updates not occurring.

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As at Oct 18 2016 00:41 EDT

Are there problems with the North American (Canada) database servers?

Running NOD32 8.0.319.0 the last successful (manual) update I have
received is database version 14292 downloaded around 19 hours ago.

Whenever I run a manual update now it goes away for several seconds then
returns indicating that the database is up to date. But clearly there has
been at least five database updates since that release, with the current
at time of writing being 14297.

No problems here with Web access - browsers, mail readers, etc. all
working normally.

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Whatever the cause, it seems to be sorted now. No changes made at my end but
an update attempt at 03:27 AM EDT Oct 18 2016 was just completed successfully.

The database is now at version 14297 in my installation.

Thanks for any attention given to this thread by anyone.

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for a while the servers served older version of updates (delayed by 48 hours) due to multiple BSODs reported on Windows 2003 server environments so we decided to make this countermeasure in order to prevent more cases.

The updates were resumed to normal operations and you should be getting the latest ones.

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