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CS Mac - all traffic through esets_proxy makes impossible to selectively block

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On Mac CYBER SECURITY all traffic goes through esets_proxy. I know it has been like this for a while but for me it became issue when I went from 10.6 to 10.9 (clean install).

Before (maybe it was on 10.6) I was able to use Little Snitch to filter outgoing connections by application and destination/port. Now it's tougher because many apps send all traffic through the Eset proxy and it's impossible to use filtering this way. I Can't meaningfully filter it. If I set one connection to block but then I need to set general rule to allow makes it the restriction redundant.

I know Eset guys would tell to go to LittleSnitch for support but first I want to establish where is the issue.

I'm not into using firewall on day to day basis, it's configured and works fine (icefloor).

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Yes, pretty much all HTTP traffic goes though esets_proxy, so unless you create rules by port or destination, using Little Snitch with Cyber Security is not a good pair if you need strict filtering.

You could filter connections using Cyber Security Pro's firewall instead, otherwise a different setup may be required to achieve your filtering goals.

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