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could you people sort out your ###### programe please?

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Ever since it's been updated to 9 it has been total . First your banking protection doesn't work and now it refuses to update. When you go to click update ,it says it doesn't need updating yet the chuffing thing stays in red. Whoever devised this car crash needs to be hung from a lamp post. 


Never had a problem with 8 ,quiet as a mouse, but this . I haven't got the time or energy to be messing around with 'fixes'  either. Just sort it. 


And if I get a virus because of your programme I am going to put my fist through a wall. 

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As for banking protection, what browser do you use and what bank site do you attempt to open? By "banking protection doesn't work" do you mean that a protected browser does not open even if you double-click the appropriate icon on your desktop? Is the protection status green or red? If red, what problem is reported in the Home pane?


Regarding the update issue, what version of the signature database is shown in the Update pane? If you click Update now, do you get a message that you have the most current version installed?

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