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Deployement Antivirus from a DFS share using ERA Server ?

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Hi folks,


I already deploy ESET Agent on all my computers using a in-house tool.


Now, I am looking to deploy the Antivirus using one of the following method:

  •  from the ERA server / But I need to get the msi from a DFS share and not an HTTP server and the test I have done failed (file://DFSSHARE ...)
  • an offline method like:  

msiexec.exe /I \\%DFSSHARE\ESET\antivirus.msi /SILENT /HOST_TO_REGISTER="my era server" etc .... :)


Any help would be appreciate


Best regard



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  • ESET Staff
  • Solution

According to the documentation you should use one of the following:


Click <Choose package> to select a installer package from the repository or specify a package URL. A list of available packages where you can select the ESET product you want to install (for example, ESET Endpoint Security) will be displayed. Select your desired installer package and click OK. If you want to specify a URL where the installation package is located, type or copy and paste the URL (for example file://\\pc22\install\ees_nt64_ENU.msi) into the text field (do not use a URL that requires authentication).

  • hxxp://server_address/ees_nt64_ENU.msi - If you are installing from a public web server or from your own HTTP server.
  • file://\\pc22\install\ees_nt64_ENU.msi - if you are installing from network path.
  • file://C:\installs\ees_nt64_ENU.msi - if you are installing from local path.


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Thanks for info to install from share.

I have a test and it is working fine, therefore, I am not able to install a core version on normal windows server

And what about an offline method which really missing ...

but the new console is really cool :-)

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