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Win10 Cumulative update 16.0.14393.321 breaks BPP

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The Win10 cumulative update released today breaks Banking and Payment Protection in ESET SS 9.0.402.0 when using 1Password in Internet Explorer. Prior to today, IE was the only browser that worked with BPP and 1Password. Firefox and Chrome could not be used. Now, none of the browsers work with BPP and 1Password.


In a previous posting it was stated that the ESET moderator never heard of 1Password. I am sorry to report that it is one of the top password managers and used by 100's of thousand of users. I have used it in both Windows and iPad OS environments since April 2014. Nary a problem until the last few months.


When will ESET BPP support the common browsers with the 1Password extension?


Thanks in advance for your assistance.


In the meantime, I have turned off BPP in ESET Smart Security.


[Edited to add the error message in ESET... Protector browser could not be started. Associated error code: 0x847695d0]

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I get the same problem. Just tested it on IE with latest official windows 10 pro x64. Before the Win10 cumulative update, it worked just fine.

Now the Banking and Payment Protection doesn't open up at all.

Hope ESET will fix a update to correct it.

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  • ESET Moderators



does the issue persist?

Users in similar topic https://forum.eset.com/topic/9773-bpp-protected-browser-could-not-start/reported the it was solved,..

If it persists, can you please share the version of Banking & payment protection module?


Regards, P.R.

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It works again on my system now. Don't know why it suddenly works again in IE, maybe some update fixed it.

IE opens up again and the green ring around the frame shows. Nice.

Don' know why but it's functional again. All good.

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I can confirm that Banking Payment and Protection works in Internet Explorer v11 with 1Password as of today. After Tuesday's Windows 10 Cumulative updates it failed. The only thing that has occurred between then and now is that a couple of reboots have occurred and I tried turning BPP feature off/on/off/on a couple of times. Which I had also tried yesterday (Wednesday) to no avail. Regardless, it is now working in IE. What's left to fix is the use of Firefox or Chrome with BPP and 1Password.





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After the update Cumulative update 16.0.14393.321, ESET  block most websites. Still displays a message about the site's certificate has been revoked..
How to solve this problem?

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