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Moderation time is extremely disappointing


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Guys@ESET, if you are going to continue to require a moderator's approval for new posters, PLEASE issue it in a timely manner.


It is extremely disappointing for a company of this size and reputation for a user to have to wait days, or even weeks [as I see in reading old complaints about the same thing] for moderation.  I understand fully the reasons for the moderation, I just cannot agree at all with the long time frames required to receive it.  To be honest, 24 hours is far too long in my opinion, but it would be agreeable if it were adhered to consistently.  What is happening now is that a user posts, waits days with no moderation/response, then gets fed up with waiting and posts in the thread I'm posting in now to complain, but the complaint isn't moderated/approved either, and it goes on and on.


Please stay on top of the forums.  It is the best way for your customers to interact with you. 


Regards, thunderrd

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Err, thank you for the approval.


Do you think you could now approve the post that is the motivator for this message?  I actually thought you would approve both at the same time, but I guess that was asking for too much.



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