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Protocol filtering not functional

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I've been using ERA for some time and recently upgraded to 6.4 and am having some trouble with understanding

the client details.


Right now (just as an example), I have a client that has this "Protocol filtering not functional" which I have

no idea what it means but this message has been on the details pane since yesterday 9am and it's still there.


Firstly, how do I get rid of it?  The client seems to be ok since the AV and Agent are updated. (Windows 8.1 pro)


Secondly, a couple of other clients have a different problem: "Product is not activated"  The result is

"Task failed" and it doesn't say why it failed.


All in all, while I can 'administer' workstations, ERA needs a lot more improvements to it.
  It's like an uphill battle in figuring out how to get things done.  I got fed up and came to work during a holiday

to uninstall all Agents and AVs and re-installed them  (manually).  While I only had to contend with 10

workstations and a couple of servers, it was still frustrating since even AFTER doing all that,  I'm

getting problems still (re: product activation failed, and a host of other warnings).


With respects to task results, is there a way for the agent to capture the logs and store it along with

the task results?





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