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Taskbar won't autohide after disabling ESET protection


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The taskbar in W7 won't autohide after temporarily disabling ESET protection.

This applies even after reenabling it.


The reason I'm blaming this software is because the taskbar worked

properly until disabling protection, but it didn't afterwards.


Earlier versions displayed a balloon after disabling, but this one doesn't..

It still behaves as if it did.

I use 9.0.386.


I disable the protection during defrag and backups because by earlier

experience AV sometimes misbehave during those operations.


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Same with 9.0.402.


After using "Pause protection" and selecting "until restart" the taskbar immediately pops up (but no balloon hint)
and won't autohide again until the next restart, whether the protection is reenabled or not.


When this happens, the taskbar hides everything below it as it isn't supposed to be visible.

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