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...error registering your serial, Act.5 - Boxed ESET product

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i bought two boxed 5u-3y multi dev ESS packs with
Box Serial Numbers: ESS05U399976 and ESS05U399988,  manufactured by IP Softcom (India) Pvt Ltd for ESS Distribution Pvt Ltd, on 10 Aug/2016.
i have not yet opened/scratcd/tried any of ESS05U399976 actv codes, as i don't need them right  now.

i tried few times to actvt ESS05U399988/5, ESS05U399988/1 through ESET international site (..error reg..) and through the application itself(..invalid.. ; Act.5)


indian site is down under construction!! for some time!!


contacted customer supprt, provided all requested info to eset.support@sakri.in

support called me, and told me that the actv code i been trying is blocked by eset, and that i should try all the actv codes one by one, see which one works!!!!!   keep the working ones and sent copy of Not working  codes to them !!!!!!........

so i called them and told them the fact. they told me that eset blocked ?boxed prods from aug/16, and likely  all 10 are in. so i should open all and sent them scanned/capt. img copies of actv codes.


i like Eset, using/providing/gifting it for some time. but this is embarrassing, time consuming waste..,


so i would like to know what is this actually.  ship out  and block ??


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