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Script for activation Firewall


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we are using Eset Endpoint Security 6.4.xxx with the remote Administrator.


can i run a script on a Client to activate the Eset Firewall when it is off??

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @Beastman,


As was mention in this Forum, the best way to solve that is using a policy (or task, can't remember)

applied to a Dynamic Group making the firewall set to "On".


In this way, when Firewall is off, the terminal falls into this group and the Agent reactivate the Firewall.


From the security point of view...

  • restrict all access to the ESET Software, the user never going to disable security for X reason
    (no matter what it is, should ask to IT guys for permission).
    This can be done by configuration password protected or to disable all alerts and access to
    the ESET product installed. User can saw the icon but cannot open or see any alerts.
    the Administrator on ERAv6 yes have the alerts.
  • firewall never has to be turned off,
    if you need an X program to communicate outside, then thats why exist the "Learning mode" on
    ESET firewall.
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  • ESET Staff

Hello Beastman. I have couple of questions:

- is the firewall installed? (have the ESET Endpoint Security been installed in default settings)?

- how was the firewall disabled? Was it disabled using policy or locally by users in "setup" pane?


As mentioned above, the best way, how to enable (and lock) the firewall will be by creating a new policy, which has the setting "enable firewall" set to "apply", which will enable the firewall, and also prevent disabling it permanently.

In ERA 6.5 / EP 6.5 a new option will be introduced, where you will be able to lock-down all switches in setup pane, so local users won´t be able to adjust program settings, if not allowed to (despite having administrator rights).

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